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RepRap Build Group

Freakyclown's RepRap


As part of our fund-raising efforts, we have launched a RepRap build group, along the lines of TVRRUG. We have a number of TVRRUG veterans in the hackspace, to ensure that we can provide the appropriate level of support to builders.

What is a RepRap?

A RepRap is a self-replicating 3D printer. Please visit the following page for more details:


The Thames Valley RepRap User Group (TVRRUG) was formed as a RepRap user group after Oggcamp 2011 by Mike Beardmore, Malcolm Napier, Hannah Nappier and Alan Wood. They planned to build RepRap kits as a community and completed a first round build early in 2012 and some of those builders can be found within our ranks happily 3d printing after completing their kit builds with TVRRUG support.

TVRRUG have now progressed to a Round 2 build.

We have decided to expand on the success of TVRRUG, but for Surrey and Hampshire, by doing a joint SHH/TVRRUG RepRap build round. This would take place between TVRRUG round 2 and round 3, the aim being to raise funds for the hackspace. This is being done in conjunction with TVRRUG and with their permission and approval.

The SHH RepRap build group

We need to make 20 kits, in order to get the low cost TVRRUG pricing (based on their current build success). We will be charging £500 for each kit, which represents very good value for a 3D printer of this quality. We know how well these builds perform because of the number built and printing so far.

The main difference from TVRRUG kits is that we will be offering the electronics pre-assembled as a one-off special, to justify the small increase in price over that of TVRRUG. It is also hoped that this will help the kits appeal to a wider audience, especially to buyers who don't have confidence with soldering and electronics.

How to help with the build group

Preparing the Kits

Marc Pearson and Alan Wood have offered to assemble the electronics and I am sure there will be many other jobs that will need our joint support on and I am expecting everyone that can to chip in and help out.

Spreading the Word

We need to get the word out there about this build and opportunity for anyone wishing to get into 3D printing and RepRaps. Thus the best thing you can all do to help at this point is find folks wishing to join the build and commit to the £500 TVRRUG kit.

I am hoping we can get to the target 20 kits by the end of September.

How to join the build group

We already have 9 people committed to the build round, but still need a further 11. Firstly you should join our GoogleGroup and send an email asking to join the build. If you are in our IRC channel, you can talk to folknology, chrisjrob or freakyclown for advice on the TVRRUG repraps.

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