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We are looking to set-up a more usable pledge system, but in the meantime, to show your support, please add yourself to the list below.

The following people have pledged money to the hackspace:

Name Monthly Pledge Comments
Freakyclown £x pcm Example copy and paste this below for your pledge
Freakyclown £25 semi-official membership fee per month
Macaba £25 A comment here.
Total £ 50 per month / £600 per year

Paid membership fees are now available to view here -


Office Space / Teleworking

If you would be interested in teleworking at the hackspace, please add your name below, indicating how many days per week you would be using it, and how much you would be prepared to pay for a desk space:

  • Name/Contact*, £ Max amount per month, Days per week

* Contact can be your Wikiname or email address - any way that means we can identify and contact you easily


This is here as a temporary place holder and is for guidance only.

Full Membership = £25 per month (door keys will be subject to deposit and probation and at Directors digression) PAYG Membership = £5 per visit Starving Hacker Membership = £donation (we work on an honesty policy) Non-member/Visitors = Visitors are welcome for free (however donations are expected if tools are used)

We also hope to hold regular monthly Free/Open days where anyone can come along and join in the fun!

Why so expensive? =

Well we like to think of the hackspace as being a "brain gym" so here are some other things you could be "wasting" your money on instead!

  • Manicure £25
  • Gym (do you really go that often) £35
  • Iphone contract £30
  • Broadband at home £30
  • Sky+HD - £20 to £60
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