Meeting 2012-08-15

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Location, Date & Time

Please double check these details before attending, in case they change!

* Important: The venue is a pub, please do not bring your own food or drink.

We would like to start raising funds for the hackspace, if you are able we would kindly appreciate any "on the door" donations. (suggested minimum is £3 but this is voluntary!!)



Attendees: Paul Hegarty, Will Goulden, Christopher Roberts, Robin Fordham

Attendance had been badly affected by the short notice of the change in venue date, a clash with Reading Hackspace and a number of holidays.

Space Search

There was discussion about progress and a feeling from those present that there was a danger of stagnation, if we do not manage to get a space quickly. To accomplish this, it was felt that we should try and find a space that we can afford at the current level of funding, even if this mean compromising and giving up on the Co-working idea.

Chris Roberts wondered whether we should reconsider the East Clandon space, if only as a temporary home.

Will Goulden had heard about a space in Woking, off Goldsworth Road, which would appear to offer a quality space for a reasonable cost, although this was not in the intended area.

Paul Hegarty was aware of a space available on the A3, close to the A31, which might be suitable and would make enquiries.


Chris Roberts showed a 3D print of a coffee pod dispenser that he had designed and printed on his RepRap.

Robin Fordham demonstrated his inventory system that he had started writing for his business, written in Joomla.

There was also some discussion about the Mars Rover, Curiosity, and a 3D panaroma recently published.


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The following should be limited to approx 30 minutes

Hacking and projects time!!

Please feel free to suggest ideas for here, and bring along projects and bits and pieces to show and tell :)

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