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Units 4/5 Kingsgrove Industrial Estate
Invincible Road
GU14 7SS*
* Ensure that your GPS is heading for "Invincible Road" and *not* Marrowbrook Lane


  • Head towards B&Q in Farnborough.
  • At the roundabout directly in front of B&Q turn left.
  • Wickes will be on your left side, directly opposite the entrance to Wickes is a small row of industrial units with Halfords Auto centre in the first unit, we are in this estate.
  • Roughly in the middle with yellow doors.


Thank you to Games Galaxy Ltd, who are located in Farnborough and are offering the use of their warehouse.

The location comes with several advantages:

  • Large Desks which we can work on
  • Heating
  • Electricity
  • Toilets
  • Kettle + Tea/Coffee
  • Wifi
  • Storage Space
  • Plenty of parking
  • Close to Farnborough town centre with plenty of take-aways in delivery range (Papa John's knows us very well :) )

Venue Rules

  1. We can only use the space out of work hours and when Robin Fordham is there (he is happy to commit to have a regular hackspace evening and ensure he is available).
  2. CCTV is operational on the premises, there will be certain no go areas, if anyone is seen going into these areas they will be asked not to come back and could endanger continued use of the warehouse (these areas will be clearly marked and Robin Fordham will explain fully to everyone entering the building, but it's mainly down aisles where stock is kept, so isn't as bad or complicated as it sounds :) ).
  3. Robin Fordham's decision is final about what may or may not go on (i.e. if some decides they want to build a flame thrower and he says Not here it's too dangerous then there will not be a flame thrower built here).
  4. Anyone who enters and hacks in the warehouse does so at their own liability.
  5. Any items left in storage are done so at their own risk (although I can vouch for both the honesty of our employees and our security systems).
  6. Heaven forbid someone does steal something, it would be the end of using the premises for everyone.
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