Friday, 16 January 2015

Hacking Our Way Into 2015

I know we've been lax at making forum posts but we're still here! A week ago was our first hack session of 2015 and we'll be here every week at "the warehouse".

All sorts of cool stuff has been going on already; programming, knitting, telephone hacking, 3D printing, 3D printer building, CNC router construction, arduinos, electronics, pcb design, burgers, pizza and much more!

Come along and join us, we're a friendly bunch!

Monday, 22 December 2014

Upcoming sessions at the hackspace...

As you may have guessed the holidays are going to affect the usual schedule of Thursday night get togethers (and the usual first Sunday session in January). Here's what's happening when:

Thursday 25th Dec - CANCELLED
Thursday 1st Jan - CANCELLED
Sunday 4th Jan - POSTPONED to 11th Jan
Thursday 8th Jan - Thursday evening sessions resume for 2015!
Sunday 11th Jan - Sunday session for January

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Hacksession 18th of September

Thursday 18th was a regular Hacksession for the Surrey & Hampshire Hackspace based in Farnborough. 

Once again it was mixed evening of hacking and chatting. 
Everything from testing new 3D printer controller boards and finding the optimum temperature for a new filament. 
A quick test of Mindflex game which included a mind controller.  Retro joysticks now with USB port. Printing our small overboard robot army.  The 3D printed robots are to replenish the stocks on sale at te Lightbox in Egham.  One of the members also had a RGB LED embedded in a 3D printed difusser. Done by stopping the print half way to place the LED inside. 
A real fun evening.  If you are in the Farnborough area and this sounds like fun drop in and say Hi. 

Monday, 8 September 2014

Sunday Session: 14th September

After the break to the normal Thursday evening sessions this week there's this month's Sunday Session on the 14th starting at 10am.

Come along for the usual blend of chatter and creativity and a chance to hear about last weekend's Brighton Mini Maker Faire.

(Normal Thursday evening session have now resumed)

Friday, 5 September 2014

Hack Session 4th September

As usual a fun and active evening, plenty of chat, pizza and hacking!

Quadcopters are becoming bit of a thing at the hackspace, from tiny nano off the shelf copters to large home built machines. Mark's was dismantled and work on to add lights. The front light was a G4 2W LED domestic bulb, which works surprisingly well, hopefully in weeks to come we'll see pics of Mark's copter a blinken and the rest of the SHH swarm!

Duncan Has 3D printed a spiral mable run machine and developed his own arduino code to control it with a stepper motor. He is thinking of putting it into our display at the lightbox woking, if you haven't been yet it's well worth a visit.

Mark's own design delta printer is really catching everyone's attention, he is now doing a beta build round with 3 other hackspace members.

A beta delta builder at work sanding laser cut base and top plates, ready to be sent off to be powder coated, they will eventually look like the black parts in the picture above of the completed alpha printer.

Another beta builder sorting components for their delta kits.

Monday, 28 July 2014

Jam & Art

It's been a busy time for members of the Surrey & Hampshire Hackspace.

Horsham Raspberry Jam - Just over a week ago a number of our members went along to the first Horsham Raspberry Jam. It was a really great event which you can read about in a G+ post by Winkle Ink.

A Raspberry Pi Controlled Robot Arm with a laser pointer and webcam mounted on the end.  Created by Emsity. The Award Winning Pi 'n' Mighty Robot barcode scanner and recycling advisor. The Surrey and Sussex Acorn User Group display.

The event was well attended, with a number of people showing off their shiny new Raspberry Pi Model B+ and putting them to use. Projects being demonstrated included controlling Scalectrix and Robot Arms, running RiscOS on the Raspberry Pi, using the Raspberry Pi to produce green screen effects, and a barcode scanning robot figure called "Pi 'n' Mighty" who could tell you how to recycle food packaging!

The Giant Electronic Art Show - As previously mentioned we're displaying some of our members work in the Lightbox in Woking in their playful exhibition The Giant Electronic Art Show. On Friday evening a few of our members were at a special event held by the Lightbox to promote the exhibition and to mark the opening of another exhibition 'Glamour on the Go. Compacts - The Story of Make-Up'.

The Giant Electronic Art Show sign Duncan's ultrasound controlled Nautilus Gears the Big Bottle Organ by artist Dan Knight

The Giant Electronic Art Show contains a number of mostly interactive exhibits. These include the 'Big Bottle Organ' by Dan Knight (pictured above), 'The Noisy Table' a reactive multimedia table tennis table by Will Nash and engineer Jason Hotchkiss, and 'Ring Dem Bells' which was conceived by the late Hugh Davies and rebuilt by Eye Music Trust sound engineer, Matt Saunders.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Upcoming Event: Horsham Raspberry Jam - Sunday 20th July

If the lack of out regular Thursday hackspace session has left you feeling unfulfilled, then you might be interested in the Horsham Raspberry Jam this Sunday.

It's a free event concentrating on the Raspberry Pi, including drop in workshops for people wanting to program in Scratch and a variety of enthusiasts (including SHH members) showing off their Raspberry Pi based projects.