Thursday, 11 June 2015

Thursday 11th June's session cancellation.

Unfortunately our kind host has had to cancel Thursday 11th June's session due to unexpected lurgy.

Friday, 29 May 2015

Changes to normal schedule.

There are some important changes to the normal Hackspace schedule over the next couple of weeks.

  • 4th June (Thursday) - No session.
  • 7th June (Sunday) - No session.
  • 11th June (Thursday) - Cancelled due to ill health
  • 14th June (Sunday) - Replacement Sunday Session.

If you're pining for more tinkering before the 11th, then here are some images from a few of our previous sessions to tide you over:

Friday, 17 April 2015

Hack Session 16-04-15

Another lively evening with plenty of people.

Attendance at least 16, maybe more (You try counting active hackers, they just won't stand still!)

2 Printerbot simple metal 3D printers having their heated beds fitted.

12mm rod being turned into 8mm rod for a turbine spindle.

AVR programming for a presistance of vision design.

Arduino Programming for a LED cube.

Electronic saxaphone playing.

Random drilling of stuff.

More 3D printer calibration.

Much more stuff!

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Resurrection Day - Sunday 5-4-15

I have been asked a few times if the regular Sunday hack session will go ahead, to me the only significance to this weekend is extra days off work, the hack session is most DEFINITELY ON :)

I hope to bring the CNC router i have been "restoring" back to life and actually make it do some meaningful movements.

I implore everyone to come along and bring that old project that been on the back burner for too long and resurrect it.

Doors open 10:00-18:00

Monday, 30 March 2015

Hacksession 26th March 2015

My first time to the Hackspace this year and what a great evening.
Some new faces to me who looked at me as if I was new.  Always makes for a fun introduction.

I arrived about 7:30pm and there was already a hive of activity.
A new style of 3D printer was happily printing away. (I must get better at remembering the different models). Self-leveling beds were having springs added.  PIC controllers were being programmed.

Below are some pictures of the some of the fun.

SMD soldering Cylindrical POV (note not really that dark. Flash was confused by bright light)

Weaving yarn

Mindflex EEG device hacked with Arduino and Processing (same light problem as above)

Output from Mindflex using Processing

Springs being added to auto-leveling platform for 3D printer

2 3D printers. Green bed one was new to me

Configuring a new Raspberry Pi 2B on an Atrix Lapdock

Parts for POV project. No real instructions

DIY CNC machine now with 3D printed parts placing wooden parts causing issues.

 As I said a great evening and looking forward to the next Hacksession this Thursday (2nd April) 

Monday, 16 March 2015

Thursday 19-03-15 Hack session cancelled

Unfortunately I have a dentists appointment in the evening and have no other free evening to move the hack session to so it will have to be cancelled this week :(

See you all next week.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Hack Session - 1st February 2015

The 01/02/15 Sunday Hack Session was a busy one; including a surprise appearance from freakyclown!
Activities included:

  • Getting the Atmel AVR toolchain working (or not!) on linux
  • Discussing the development of a Pick and Place machine
  • Deploying the SHH members area (with help from SoMakeIt)
  • CNC machine designing in CAD
  • Waxing accordion reeds using improvised hot plate
  • PCBs being drawn and etched...

(After struggling for a couple of hours to get the ESP8266 to work, the shield was removed to discover that the oscillator crystal was 90 degrees out of orientation as shown in the picture. A quick desolder and resolder made the ESP8266 work instantly!)

We had a great day with plenty of people popping along for a few hours, but there is always room for more. We hold regular hack sessions so please feel free to join us next time to see what it is all about!